• Partha Pratim Majumder,
    National Science Chair (Scientific Excellence), Government of India Distinguished Professor, John C. Martin Centre for Liver Research & Innovations

    Partha Majumder has made significant contributions to human-, statistical- and population genetics and genomics. He has developed methodologies for mapping human disease genes, identified genomic factors underlying many diseases notably oral cancer, and has reconstructed the ancestries and relationships of ethnic populations groups of India and Asia using genomic methods and tools. He has immensely contributed to capacity-building in human and statistical genetics in India. He has published widely in journals of international renown. He has founded the National Institute of Biomedical Genomics, India. He is a Fellow of the Indian science academies and The World Academy of Sciences.

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  • Abhijit Chowdhury, MBBS MD DM,
    Indian Institute of Liver and Digestive Sciences, Sonarpur, Kolkata, India

    Abhijit Chowdhury is a clinician scientist with Nonalcoholic fatty liver diseases (NAFLD) as his research focus. His major contribution had been in bringing the phenotype lean NAFLD, initially considered as an outlier, to global research focus and discourses. He has been associated with development of the Birbhum population project – a health and demographic surveillance system- as a population laboratory for analytical and interventional research in public health and demography. He is Professor of Hepatology at IILDS and is fellow of Indian National Science Academy (INSA) as well as National Academy of Sciences in India (NASI).

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  • Dr. Ashish Kumar Vyas (Ph.D.),
    Assistant Professor & Group Leader

    Immunology, DST Inspire Faculty

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  • Prof. Amal Kr. Santra,

    Dr. Amal Kumar Santra is the Director of John C Martin Centre for Liver Research & Innovation.

    John C Martin Centre for Liver Research and innovations is envisioned as a research Institute doing basic and translational research in Liver diseases and Medicine. The ever vibrant Spirit and creative visions of the legendary scientist, innovators and humanist John C Martin remain our inspiration. JCMLRI wish to inculcate a culture and practice of answering research questions that have contextual relevance for the developing nations. As our new building is coming up in the IILDS campus at Sonarpur, we are forging collaborations with institutes in India and overseas for exchange and acceleration of ideas, capacities and outcomes. The Memorandum of understanding that Liver Foundation, West Bengal recently has developed with Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA is an excellent beginning. We plan to undertake training programs in Liver Diseases and allied areas for the scientists of north eastern states. We aim at fostering an ambience of liver research overall. Undertaking clinical research programs as well as implementation research in the broad public health domain is also in our agenda. Despite being focused in Liver disease, we encourage and engage in medical research in broader domain if that transects the institutes priorities.

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  • Debasree Bishnu, PhD,
    Senior Scientist, Cell Biology

    Dr. Debasree Bishnu is currently a Senior Scientist of John C Martin Centre for Liver Research & Innovations with more than 10 years of experience in cell biology research. She has done her Bachelor's in Microbiology from Bangalore University, Bangalore, followed by a Post-Graduation in Biochemistry from the same university. She further holds a Ph.D. in Biological Sciences from Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education & Research (IPGME&R) Kolkata during 2011-2016. She has expertise in a wide range of scientific research. She is skilled in the use of laboratory instruments and equipment. She served as Junior Researcher during 2018-2021 under IILDS-Medgenome collaborated project.

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  • Ankita Chatterjee,
    Research Assistant Professor

    Dr. Chatterjee, with her background in Genomics, has focused on genomic alterations associated with complex disorders, particularly metabolic disorders and cancers. She identified specific genomic alterations linked to an elevated risk of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), notably among lean individuals. Using transcriptomic data, she identified NAFLD progression biomarkers and uncovered the link between insulin signaling dysfunction and disease pathophysiology. Her postdoctoral work explored immune contextures in oral squamous cell carcinoma and their implications for immunotherapy, identifying a potential metabolite biomarker for OSCC prognosis. This research emphasizes the significance of immune contextures for personalized cancer treatment. She also contributed to understanding ethnic variations in peripheral immune responses. At JCMLRI, she is analyzing the interplay of immune irregularities and metabolic adjustments in lean NASH patients with advanced fibrosis through single-cell transcriptomics.

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