Prof. Amal Kr. Santra,

John C Martin Centre for Liver Research and innovations is envisioned as a research Institute doing basic and translational research in Liver diseases and Medicine. The ever vibrant Spirit and creative visions of the legendary scientist, innovators and humanist John C Martin remain our inspiration. JCMLRI wish to inculcate a culture and practice of answering research questions that have contextual relevance for the developing nations. As our new building is coming up in the IILDS campus at Sonarpur, we are forging collaborations with institutes in India and overseas for exchange and acceleration of ideas, capacities and outcomes. The Memorandum of understanding that Liver Foundation, West Bengal recently has developed with Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, USA is an excellent beginning. We plan to undertake training programs in Liver Diseases and allied areas for the scientists of north eastern states. We aim at fostering an ambience of liver research overall. Undertaking clinical research programs as well as implementation research in the broad public health domain is also in our agenda. Despite being focused in Liver disease, we encourage and engage in medical research in broader domain if that transects the institutes priorities.

I do hope that our faculty, with a mix of long experience and early carrier scientists, will be able to mark an imprint that makes JCMLRI a lead research institute in India with global impact. That will be the right way to live up to the dreams of John, the perennial traveler pursuing medical solutions that reaches everybody in the world.